Betrayal: Grimm Brothers' Tattoo Duet Book One


Five years ago, I thought life was nothing short of a fairytale.
I had the love of my five mates and the future was looking so bright.
Five years ago, I was an idiot.
Now I know that life isn’t sunshine and rainbows.
Now I know that life is full of lies, darkness, and blood.
It only took my mates abandoning me without a word or a trace to open my eyes to the things I had previously ignored.
When you are a rejected mate, you learn pretty quickly how people actually feel about you.
It took me five years to track them down, and now that I have, they have a choice:
Break the bond, and finally set me free
I’ll kill them, and hope I survive their deaths
I’m Delphina Grimm, my enemies call me Umbra


Not supplied by author.
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