When the gods turn bad…

…reapers come out to play.

My name’s Autumn, and I was raised by a fanatical cult. I made a deal to be possessed by a god. I was tempted by forbidden whispers of eternal pleasure. Then a lethal but sexy-as-hell god broke me, stealing my magic.

Loki, God of Mischief.

Now, I’m the Infernal: a witch who reaps both gods and demons. I guard the Tree of Life in an English forest, which is stalked by scorching-hot but dangerous monsters.

When a curse binds my greatest enemy, Loki, to me as mate by his shifter spirit, it’s my turn to break a god. I’m seduced, however, by his beautiful mayhem. Then he spins a wild tale, and it turns out that everything I’ve known could be a lie.

Can I trust Loki and my other gorgeous rebel gods and demons?

Hades — My brooding Hellhound God of the Underworld who’s a giant of muscles, midnight black hair, and shadows

Ra — My Phoenix Sun God who’s tall, blond, and my loyal friend and lover

Kit — My Kitsune Fox Spirit with powerful magic and mesmerizing eyes, which I could lose myself in forever

Oni — My roguishly handsome Demon with a lady-killing smile who’s my first love and Soulmate

They’re the enemy, royalty, friend, bonded, and second chance. They’re also my obsession…and secret protectors.

When the gods are rebels, the demons are wicked, and the shifters are savage, it’s lucky that I love bad boys…


Loki grins with a sharp savagery. In his possessive rage, he drags the shadows away from his neck like he’s the monster that they should fear. He stands in the middle of a whirlwind of pure, glowing chaos, while emerald magic burns in his palms. He rips apart the Shadow Demons, breaking through a path to me.


I can’t look away from him. Our connection is more powerful than anything I’ve ever felt before.


Eternity’s in his gaze.


“I’m a bad god,” Loki snarls. “But I’m good at it.”


Then he snaps the shadows that bind me and catches me as I fall…


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