When the gods turn bad…

…shifters come out to play.

I’m Autumn, an Infernal reaper, and I’m bound to my sexy-as-hell rebel gods by their shifter spirits. When Hades, scorching hot King of the Underworld and savage hell hound, hunts me through the Eternal Forest, I’m caught in his dangerous spell.

Why does my Soul whisper that he’s fated to be mine?

He’s a giant of muscles and midnight black hair and the wickedest god of them all. But why has he forgotten that he’s the god of death? When a lethal threat, which should’ve stayed buried in the underworld, comes back to stalk Hades, can we survive the coming shadows?

Yet each of my gods — Loki, Ra, and Hades — hide deadly secrets. My demon and kitsune lovers are magical rogues, who are equally as haunted by their perilous pasts.

They’re my Guardians: the enemy, royalty, friend, virgin, and second chance. They’re also my obsession…and secret protectors.

When the gods are rebels, the demons are wicked, and the shifters are savage, it’s lucky that I love bad boys…


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