Your world is ripped apart. All you want is to find somewhere safe. Lose yourself. Never feel again.

When Meghan May’s world disintegrates around her, she moves to the city. Inhabited by angels sworn to protect humankind, it’s the safest place she can be. In her new life, she doesn’t let anyone close. Never lets anyone in…

Until a chance encounter changes everything

Meghan is thrust into a world she never knew existed, where angels hunt shifters and kill the humans who help them. She’s unwittingly helped a shifter. Now angels are hunting her.

Can Meghan rely on the three sexy men who vow to help her—an unlikely alliance of a shifter, human, and angel?
Will she ever be able to return to the safety of the life she led before they came into her life?
Does she even want to?

Everything Meghan thought she knew is changing.
The walls she put up are breaking.
Outwitting angels is one thing. Feeling is another.


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