One female criminal genius. Three passionate detectives who stand in her way. Let the seduction begin…

My family expected me to play sacrificial lamb for their supernatural cult. Through a desperate bargain with a demonic fiend, I escaped—into a criminal underworld that saw me as easy prey.

I’ve proven them wrong a thousand times over. Now I rule a criminal empire of my own. What I want, I get, by whatever means necessary.

But now the fiendish monster is coming to collect its fee: my soul.

To win my freedom, I have to con the finest detectives in London into carrying out an intricate heist. All three have a weakness I can exploit. All three show a passion in the field and between the sheets that I can’t help admiring.

I answer to no one and I left my conscience behind years ago, but the more time I spend with them, the more the edges of my steeled heart soften.

These men will never see the real me as anything but a villain. When the chips are down, I have to betray them—or I’ll lose myself to a greater horror than they could believe exists.


“From my observations, human beings are rarely able to separate physical intimacy from tender emotions so neatly,” Sherlock said. “And there are simpler ways of gaining bodily satisfaction.” “I suppose,” I said, staying right where I was, my gaze holding his. “But it is a rather special sort of gratification. How much direct experience do you have on which to base that kind of judgment?” “I had a few encounters in my college years. They were a lot of effort for little reward. There was nothing about them I’d recommend.” I smiled fully, just barely holding my lips back from a smirk. “I think you’ve missed out, then. A good ‘encounter’ can be incredibly stimulating to the mind as well. You’d have to recommend that.” “If I believed it,” Sherlock said in a skeptical tone, but his eyes hadn’t left mine. I was sure of the avidness I saw there now. “So we have a difference of opinion,” I said, resting my elbows on the arms of the chair. “What if I could prove it to you?” Sherlock had been sitting nearly motionless before, but now he went completely still. “How would you expect to ‘prove it’?” Oh, he knew. I could see that in his face, in the brief bob of his throat. “I don’t think you’re really so unaffected,” I said, settling more languidly into the plump cushions of my chair. “I bet I could provoke a reaction from you without touching a single place we’d consider overtly sexual. Will you take that wager?” “A reaction,” Sherlock repeated. “You’ll be undeniably hard. And if I win that bet, I get to show you how much more you can feel, without restriction.” A faint smile crossed Sherlock’s lips. He really thought I might not be able to live up to my word. “And if you don’t?” “I will.”

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