I’ll do anything to stay in college…even my professors.
Working as a hotel maid is a last resort.
But it’s the only way I can afford to stay in school.
But when my professor makes me an offer I can’t refuse…
I can’t turn him—or his sexy friends—down.
They want to teach me…naughty things.
Expose me to…everything they have to offer.
They’re intent on keeping me…at college and for themselves.
I’m about to spend time in one sinful classroom.

#3 in the Study Harder Romance Series

This hot, over-the-top romance includes sexy professors with a penchant for pursuing and protecting the college coeds who give them a run for their money. If you love outrageously naughty stories as a way to indulge your not-so-secret bad girl side, this is for you.

  1. A Naughty Lesson
  2. A Wicked Education
  3. A Sinful Classroom


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