A Shifting Society: The Harper Frey Collection


A Shifting Society; The Harper Frey Collection is a box set featuring all three of my standalone novels in the Shifting Society shared world with J. Kearston. Books included in this set are Destined to Hide, Destined to Lead, and Destined to Rise. It also features a bonus scene not found anywhere else.

Destined to Hide:

Escape or die.
The man I loved is a liar, a predator who lured me in with sweet words and empty promises. Now, I’m trapped and it’s only a matter of time before he loses control.
I have one chance to run. Head for the wilds and don’t look back. If I leave, I might die, but he’ll kill me if I stay.
For so long it’s seemed like I’m destined to spend my days in hiding; scared and alone. But when a freak accident sends a pack of shifters crashing into my path, I catch a glimpse of a life worth living.
Can I find the Love and safety I crave with three men the rest of society considers threats?
And will the monster that hunts me ever let me go?

Destined to Lead:

If you’d have told me my high school sweetheart would reject me in front of our entire pack, I’d probably have punched you straight in the kisser.
Sure, fated mates are a big thing in my world, but I had something better. I had love we chose. Way more romantic than Fate deciding for you, in my opinion.
Because clearly, I know better than Fate.
Suddenly without a pack, My only real option is to strike out and find my place in the world. And for all my complaining about her meddling, Fate may just prove to have my best interests at heart.
Two big cat shifters stalk their way into my life, clawing through my defenses, and a mage blasts away all of my assumptions about his kind. They’re not the pack I was born into, but they may just be the pack I need.
Especially when it comes time to face off against the man I loved and the pack that banished me.

Destined to Rise:

The fate of the world rests on my shoulders.
Ok, that might be a tad dramatic, but I am leading a team of geneticists tasked with solving the vampire problem that’s plagued the world for two hundred years. Oh, and I have to find a way to give the turned their humanity back. No pressure, right?
When my hot billionaire boss demands results after yet another vampire attack, I join his next nest-extermination operation to bag a live vampire test subject.
I’d planned on coming back with a blood-thirsty new coworker, but I wasn’t expecting the Fates to throw a couple of shifters in my path, too. Here I am worried about the body count the vampires are leaving in their wake, but the Fates seem more interested in mine. Add in the attention I’m getting from my boss, and I’m stuck in the middle of a love pentagram.
The pressure’s mounting, bodies are piling up, everyone’s counting on me to crack the mysteries locked in the blood of the turned wide open, and my magic’s going haywire.
What could possibly go wrong?


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