really should’ve stayed in bed on my twentieth birthday.
Instead, I decide to go out, have a few too many drinks, meet Adrian—a gorgeous man I’m magnetically attracted to—and if that isn’t enough, I manage to get abducted to another realm.
I find out I’m not human—well–not entirely. It turns out I’m a demigod, half-human, half-god. If that reality check doesn’t knock a girl on her ass, I don’t know what would.
To top it off, Adrian isn’t just some hot one-night stand at the bar. He’s one of the four gods tasked with ruling over the school this year. A school I’m now forced to attend if I want to control my powers. Powers that will be locked away until I prove I can handle them.
Despite my anger towards Adrian for taking me from my life, I can’t help but find myself drawn to him.
The only problem is, he isn’t the only god that makes me feel this way. Mateo, Kyros, and Maximus keep popping up into my life, confusing me with their penetrating stares and possessive attitudes.
When a dark power emerges, I must rely on them to find the threat attacking the school and its students, especially when the malevolent force turns its attention towards me.
If I could go back to that day, I—almost—definitely would’ve stayed in bed.


“I’m Mateo, God of War.” His deep voice rumbles. He takes a step closer, his chest barely touching mine, yet his voice still sends vibrations across my body that I feel all the way down to my toes. He leans closer to me, and I crane my neck up to maintain eye contact. He breathes in a shuddered breath, briefly closing his eyes before his lips part once more. “You should memorize that name. You’ll be screaming it soon enough.” 

Anger boils in my veins at his words while heat sweeps through me, making me want to cross my legs for some contact. I bite my lip and my eyes narrow, staring back at him, wracking my brain for a reason why this man makes me feel such conflicting emotions. His eyes rove my body, devouring every inch as though my defiance makes me even more enticing to him.

“In your dreams,” I growl out, taking a step away from him. The distance allows me to clear my mind momentarily. What is it with these gods? Apparently, I lose all of my senses around these men. I shouldn’t want to move in closer to him. He has been growly and possessive ever since he walked up to me. That really shouldn’t turn me on.

He chokes on a chuckle, quickly schooling his face as his eyes glance to make sure no one saw the slip in his rough demeanor. “If you want me to fantasize about you, all you had to do was ask.” 

He steps in closer again so that our chests brush against each other once more. I shuffle back, attempting to move away, but the backs of my knees hit the lip of the fountain. The movement causes them to bend. Air rushes up around me as my ass falls backward following my momentum. My eyes snap-closed, waiting for the inevitable splash of cold water to slap against my ass and legs. 

Instead, a powerful masculine arm wraps around my waist, thick fingers splayed against my back, pressing me into his hard chest. I pry one eye open, wincing as though his hand on my back is just an illusion and will disappear at any moment, plunging me into the cold water. Amusement sparks in his eyes, crinkling a fraction as he gazes down at me. The slight movement is barely visible.

“Falling for me already?” His deep voice rumbles, sending a shiver down my spine, and I unconsciously melt into him. His fingers glide over my shirt, smoothing the fabric, coming to a slow stop at the point where my shirt is tucked into my tight skirt. 

My eyes narrow and I glare back at him, not appreciating his gruff, teasing tone. Logic wars with the rush of desire the small act of his hand running along my back kindled within me. I pull away, and his hand quickly falls off and I stumble to the side, careful not to repeat my previous mistake.


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