Taken. Tormented. Tortured. I’ve endured a living nightmare, and the only way I’m holding on is because I know they will come for me.

My wolf. My caster. My demon. My dragons.

They’ll do anything to save me. Even if it means burning the world down around us.

But rescuing me is just the beginning. Because our enemies are circling, and sometimes, evil is closer than you could ever imagine…

Book two in a new paranormal, why choose, reverse harem romance trilogy from Amazon Top 20 author, Tessa Hale. Fated Mates, powerful supernaturals, and an evil who is out for them all…


“Any updates from your team?” Declan asked.

Colt blew out a breath. “They’re still searching. Nothing yet. It’s like the two of them just vanished.”

“And The Assembly still has their thumbs up their asses,” Ronan groused.

“They have to make sure it doesn’t appear they’re rushing to judgment,” Dash argued.

“Rushing?” Ronan growled. “We gave them the tapes from those damned cameras. She was fucking tortured for fourteen days. I lost count of the number of times he bit her. She’s covered in scars. What more proof do they need?”

Something smashed against the wall, and Briar let out a hiss.

“Let’s not get Trace any more riled up,” Declan said in a low tone. “He already torched three cars and a building.”

“I just need to know she’s safe,” Ronan defended.

“I know,” Declan said in a low tone.

“She won’t be safe until Lucien and Damien are dead.” Barely restrained rage pulsed through each of Trace’s words.

“We know,” Colt agreed, sounding exhausted. “And one way or another, we’ll make them that way. I promise.”

Breath hissed from between Trace’s teeth. “I need the killing blow. I don’t know if my demon will be satiated without it.”

There was silence for a moment before Colt agreed. “We can give him that for at least one of them.”

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