Amidst the Insidious Courts


A looming fever, a Guard in exile, and whispers of treason.

I escaped from Fellgotha by the skin of my teeth, and now Elatha will do anything to get me back. My only hope lies in the pilgrimage; an ancient journey taken by Nicnevins to demand the allegiance of the minor royals.

But no one expected my own body to betray me. My fever is coming, and I crave my mates to the point of distraction. On top of that, their protective instincts are running riot. With all of us preoccupied, we might just end up handing our enemies the opportunity they need to bring about our downfall.

I need to unite all five courts if we’re to stand a chance against the Fomorian armada, which means convincing the southern courts to swear their fealty and help us break the siege of Elfhame. If I don’t, Elatha will win.


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