I killed my lover when he turned into a vampire. Now I’m forced to work with three of them.

An elite mission calls for our best vampire hunter – me – but I’m shocked to find the team is full of vamps. Even worse, it’s a mission I can’t refuse, and I loathe the agent in charge.

Hudson broke my heart a decade ago, and that was before he became a vamp. He and his equally tempting twin Jackson can go screw themselves. Even more infuriating is the buff former bodyguard Nico, who can’t keep his hungry eyes off me.

We’re a misfit team destined to fail, almost as if someone wants it that way. It’s up to me to figure out what’s really going on here. I’ll play nice until these vamps reveal their bloodlust.

Then it’s time for what I do best… ending them with a strike to their hearts.

A Match Made in Hell is the first book of the complete trilogy, Mel’s Vampire Coven, a steamy paranormal romance where the men will fight to earn her love.


I kneeled down on either side of my vampire’s thighs and lined myself up with him.

“Are you sure…”

In answer, I reached down between my legs and slowly pierced myself on him. He let out a long, low moan as I refused to take more than the tip.

“Show me you have the willpower not to take more than you’re given,” I whispered.

Then I grabbed the length of him, bouncing up and down on just the tip.

“More,” he demanded.

I laughed, testing him, taking just a little more. “It’s so hot that I can grip your entire length and have you inside at the same time.”

He kept his hands behind his head, but his ab muscles tensed with the desire to thrust up into me and take what he wanted. Yet he resisted, waiting for me to make the next move. Perhaps vampires had more self-control than I’d given them credit for.

My knees sank down to either side of his thighs as I pinned the vampire to the bed beneath me, where I could be in control.

Inch by torturous inch, I took him in, and he let out a satisfied sort of grunt when I seated myself fully against his hips.

I began moving up and down on his shaft, timing it to my own tempo, not his. Moaning, I began stroking myself as he kept his hands behind his head, being as non-threatening as possible as he penetrated me just how I wanted him.

Was I really going to let him bite me when I got close? Could I really trust a vampire enough to give me that orgasmic bite I’d just learned about?

My hesitation made my rhythm falter, and he took over, thrusting up into me.

I writhed above him, gathering my elemental magic close as thunder crashed all around us, jangling my nerves.

I could trust this vampire’s control, couldn’t I?

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