Alpha born, I was meant to rule … But Fate has other plans for me.

Heir to the Shadow Walker pack and my father’s only child, I was born to lead … or so I thought.

I’ve spent my whole life preparing for a future I thought was certain. For a mate I believed was mine.

The Mating Games are coming up in just a few days, and this time I’m old enough to join.

To finally be fated to my forever mate, Felix.

When the eligible sons and daughters of the other packs arrive to join the games, I soon find out that Fate has other plans in store for me.

Plans that could ruin my future.

Plans that threaten the fragile alliances between our packs.

Plans that involve them …

Avery, Felix’s younger twin.

Liam, a hardened leader.

And Ryuk, the psycho playboy.

The Alpha sons.


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