I’ve only known sadness in my short life, with a tiny bit of happiness thrown in for a little while.

When Dante Wilder came into my life I finally knew what it meant to feel loved.

Until I’m brutally dragged away to start a new life in another country.

But now I’m back, admittedly without any freedom to live my own life, but at least I’m back in the US, to reclaim what I lost.


My heart turned black when Luna was ripped away from me.

It was only meant to be for a while, until I made a grave error that led to her leaving me for good… or so I thought.

Because someone brought her back to me, but I can’t be the boy she knew before… not when I know just what I did to her.


At 9 I was orphaned.

At 13 I was sent away from everyone and everything I loved.

At 17 I’m back – still being controlled and manipulated – but at least I’m home.

Even if all I find on my return is hurt, betrayal and despair…. Oh! And a forced marriage, to put the cherry on top!

Follow my journey and see what unfolds….

It’s a story full of hot guys and hotter kisses!

Forced marriages and a sexy reverse harem!

Hop aboard the ‘Motherf**king Luna Train’!


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