Dodged two assassination attempts? Check

Escaped Sintrim Medical Facility with four sexy men? Check

Retrieved my missing memories? Eh, I’m working on it.

After breaking out of SIN with Finn, Jace, Coal, and Dameon, I find myself diving head first into the world of The Organization—a secret underground world of spies who are currently after me for my missing memories.

The guys promise to keep me safe, to help me get vengeance, and to retrieve my missing memories, but that proves to be impossible when we can’t get into contact with their directors, who started this whole thing.

As I find myself an unwilling pawn in their world, I discover that things are not what they seem and something much darker is happening within each of their agencies.

What’s a girl to do when the odds are stacked against her? When retrieving my missing memories comes with the risk of death?

AGENT PEOPLE is the second book in My Alpha Team series, a steamy Why Choose romance featuring four smoldering-hot spies and smart quirky scientist whose learning life is not like you always planned. If you like medium burn romance, an underground world of spies, and dark secret experiments, this secret world is for you.


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