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Want to write a post and have it featured on our blog and in our Reverse Harem Readers’ Facebook group? Fill out the information below and then write your blogpost. Once you hit submit, our editorial team will go over it, and if it suits our blog and follows our rules, it’ll be published on our blog and shared to our FB group.

Submission Rules

Types of posts allowed

  • Author Journey Posts
  • How-to posts (writing, editing, marketing etc)
  • Tips for new writers
  • What you love about… (books, writing, genres etc)
  • What inspired you to write this or that book/character.


Remember to

  • Edit and spell check – We do not accept submissions that seem rushed or slapped together. Yes, this is a promo opportunity for authors, but readers enjoy the blog and they expect quality content.
  • Watch the word count.  Minimum 500 words, maximum 3000.
  • Include the correct name. The name you enter below will be the name that gets credit for the post–this should be your author name.
  • Double check any links! In your author bio you can link to your website and/or your amazon profile. In your article, you are allowed to link to anything that is RELEVANT to the article.
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