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Paranormal Romance

Medium burn. Wolf shifters. Fated Mates. Her wolf is calling, but will she answer?

"It's time to embrace your inner beast."

“You’re kidding, right? You can’t climb a tree, break into my bedroom, and expect me to do what you want. It doesn’t work like that.” Deflection. That would work right now. Anything to give me some more time to organize my headspace.

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Contemporary Romance

Tortured Heroine. Hot AF assholes, nerds and athletes. Dark and Depraved. Shocking twists and turns. Triggers galore. Medium burn.

He was supposed to protect me. Instead, he made me fear the dark

I hate this part of myself. The part that demands pain, like a penance for my sins, to stop the racing thoughts and suffocating emotions roaring inside of me. I hate it almost as much as I relish in the pleasure I receive from the this sick form of release.

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Dark Mafia Romance

Second Chance Romance. Dark Contemporary Romance. Enemies to Lovers. Fast burn.

Will they save me? Keep me? Kill me?

My name was Eden Moretti. Now, I'm a junkie dancer who will do just about anything to earn a buck or get my next fix. When you're living off the books to stay hidden on the fringes between Carlotti and Finelli territory, anything means...anything.

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