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Paranormal Romance

Slow burn. Possessive wolf shifters. An abused heroine running from a painful past.

The only way to escape was to die.

For eighteen years I’ve suffered at the hands of the Hunters. For eighteen years they’ve done their best to break me, to tear me open and unleash the terrifying monster that lives within. Until the day they go too far.

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Contemporary Romance

Beautifully twisted dark contemporary romance. Captive. Triggers. Non con. Dub con. Spicy.

They came for me. They drugged me. They stole me away.

This is my fate. This room. These men. The Masks. My enemies.

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Dark paranormal mafia

Enemies-to-Lovers. Witches, wolf shifters, Fae, and vampires. A steamy, twisty tale with a Beauty and the Beast tone.

They own me. I belong to three beastly men.

His gaze swept down my body, taking in the little black dress, my cleavage, and bare legs. When he looked me in the eyes again, his brow furrowed. “You’re dressed like a rich man’s whore. Who do you belong to?”

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